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curling ribbons, silver streams, from your fiery hide,

        syllables and soliloquies, show my wondrous side,

your touch it burns, your kiss it tears and scratches at my throat,

       your metaphors leave minds to twist, wrapped up in rhyming coats.

Oh, how foolish I have been, to bring the light to bare,

       my pen I should have thrown away, my bleeding hands don’t dare.

you’ve left my fingers yellow dry – my skin a shade of autumn

      and you, my wordy wondering thief, you left my heart a churn.

my breaths they shatter with each taste, each honey powdered present

       my soul it breaks with every beat, with every precious sentence.

I find myself bemused, to say, without you I am lost

       without your warm and gentle grace – I’d fear to know the cost.

and so i sit, my whiskey poured, my heart awaits it’s fiend

      and on this parchment with this ink, i etch my final scene. 

This vibrant and eclectic oil on canvas is by one Richard Day who is an artist hailing from Norwich, UK. The painting depicts the legendary American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan doing what he does best. Richard Day paints with a mixture of passion, music and graffiti. For more of his excellent work click here