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Captivate the captive state, or state the statements of your captive fates? Her or his or theirs, it doesn’t matter they don’t care. It’s just another breath as lonely crimson tears caress her insides are depressed. His morals are undressed. Their victims of the war waged within widows who want their wicked ways willed without a care. How timid are the timid. How fearful are those who fear. How dreadful are the dead who roll in graves with absent tears. Awful in awe, struck hers and his and theirs as they stick to sticks of grey that fare the open seas through storms and winds bobbing reluctantly with ease. Nonsensical nonsense never made much sense. Senseless feelings lead to depressive doses of drugs damp and dumb willing to succumb. Hopeful happiness. Have you ever heard such drivel as hopeful happiness. Have you ever lost your soul or tossed your mortal woe into the storm without even a bone to dig for when you’re done. What lives we live in relentless fun. What times we believe in Gods as we run. What flies within these two walls that are our ears, filled with words from peers we think come from fears who stink our noses and fill our mouths like fowls full of foul.