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As I sit by myself on a bench by the sea,

I exhale as the skies turn dark over me.

A rain drop – two – three – then a thousand pour down,

and the air’s getting colder as my mind starts to drown.

But my body won’t move, no way, no how.

I’m dropping fast through the darkness, it’s almost over now.

Everything I thought I was, was just a shadow on the wall,

with one flick of a switch all that’s left’s a lonely soul.

Looking for the glass sitting in my life half empty.

Yet broken are the pieces as the shards all cut me.

On the brink of slowly dying with no words for the living,

fear of losing all those talents you were hoping you were given.

It stared long ago with a pen and some paper.

Word’s burning with a rhythm like smoke from a vapor.

In a minute I was gone just a child of the music,

and my scribbles turned to gold now I’m waiting just to use it.

It drops with a passion ready to partake.

Then stops when my fear swallows me like a snake.

And deep in a sea I’m fighting while I’m drowning.

No sleep for a King just waiting for his crowning.

Cause I’m meant for a world that’s waiting for a savior,

but the sea’s getting higher and I’m all out of papers.

Deep down my heart is sinking and my pen’s out of ink.

As my limbs begin to shake and the world starts to sink.

Then a hand reaches out from a light above the water,

grabs my wrists pulls me up, tells me that I ain’t a martyr.

Got a million days left and an evil to demolish.

Setting fire to the world with my un-denying knowledge.

So I stop, breath, take a little minute till I wake, see, skies for a minute and I stand, up, waiting to hit that mic no I don’t give, up, I’m ready to start the fight.