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As the Prophet and the Priest walked along the road to Sudbar, they came across a snake trapped underneath a large stone, writhing in the desert sun.

Help me lift the stone” the Prophet said to the Priest, unable to move it alone. The Priest shook his head,

I know this snake, Prophet. It sneaks into the nearby villages at night and bites children. It’s poison kills them slowly. It is better we leave it where it lies.

We are both men of faith” the Prophet said to the Priest, “do not both our Gods teach us to cherish and protect every life that walks upon this land? Even that of a serpent. We cannot let one of the Lord’s creations die so unjustly.

Unconvinced, the Priest again shook his head, “surely Prophet, the life of an innocent child means more to God than that of a deadly creature?” he answered.

And so, both Prophet and the Priest began going back and forth in the desert, each arguing their point of faith. One wanting to save the creature while the other, wished to let it be, ensuring it’s death so as to protect the lives of those it would kill without contemplation.

Finally, after all arguments were laid out before them and both Priest and Prophet had amended their respective faiths, they turned to the snake.

The serpent, however, lay dead before them.