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Precious, are you there?

There’s no need for tears, you always cared.

Am I still in your prayers?

I’m sure you whisper my name in your bed.

I know you tried to clean,

all the love I left upon your skin.

I know you’ve heard the tale

of the others who so humbly fell

I’m sorry.

I know you’re lonely.

And heard the stories,

that they have told you and my girl you can believe them.

They’re true believe me.

Bad news is in me.

But then you call so restless how could I ignore.

That scent outside my door.

That silk upon my floor.

You’re not a name but just a body on my shore.

A precious face,

just like the rest,

another night of sex…


*Featured Art – “Portrait of nude girl on bed” by Nodff of Belarus. Find more of his wonderfully painted canvases on Shutterstock