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Say you love me one more time,

it’s hard to listen through your lies.

Winter’s coming through my soul,

Summer’s wasted on my floor.

Say you care and want me back,

I’ve torn my heart upon this track.

Far too long to see the end,

blistered feet I can’t pretend.

if you need to

you can bleed these veins

if you need to

you can use my bed

if you need to

you can strip me bare

if you need to

you don’t need to care

Say my name please don’t forget,

how you used to climb in bed.

Soft as silk yet sharp as nails,

I’m wondering why it all failed.

Say you’ll come back say it please,

I’m begging down on bended knees.

How can you just walk away,

say you’ll be back home – to – stay.


*Featured Art – A breathless piece called, ‘Ride The Wave‘, by Olga Rykova. Find her other work at