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The Fairy’s at my door.

Her eyes are burning I can’t run from her no more.

She’s closing in, her drool is dripping on the floor.

My heart is pounding, pull these sheets up, make her go!

She’s dressed in pink and white.

With heels of glass, I hear them clicking in the night.

My skin is scathing waiting for her thirsty bite.

Her wand is scratching at my bed I cannot fight.

She’s here for what I lost.

She’s hunting magic, wrapped within a little frost.

She wants my baggage, and she’ll take it at all cost.

She steels the fallen, damn I knew I should’ve flossed.


*Featured Image titled “The Tooth Fairy” by Justin, AKA Scary Jesus. For this and more of his horror filled fantastically imagined images visit his profile on deviantart