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Let me take your land. Let me steal your children. Let me rape your women. Let me shackle your wrists and bind your feet. Let me use you. Let me scar your back with my whip. Let me burn your people. Let me fertilize your land with their ashes. Let me destroy your culture. Let me choose the time of your freedom. Let me push you out of the cities I built on your home. Let me force you to live in tin shacks. Let me stare at you when you walk the streets. Let me whisper about you when you try and live among us. Let me throw money at you and tell you to get over the broken bones. Let me arrest you when you’ve had enough. Let me send you to prison so that I don’t have to look at you. Let me turn you into another page in my children’s history books. Let me forget you ever existed. Let me be right.


*Featured Art – by artist Jandamarra Cadd this painting is called, ‘Uncle Jack.‘ It is a portrait, done in traditional style dots, of the painters uncle Jack Charles, a famous actor in Australia. For his work, and more, please visit –