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The ink is black

the candle’s lit

her lips are quivering.

I wrote my life

upon her skin

her soul is withering.

She scratched her lust

across my back

as I

plunged into her sea.

And so I drowned

while she looked on

Will you remember me?

Her heart is weak

it skips a beat

her breaths are shattering.

The metal’s cold

against her skin

but I’m not answering.

And so she begs

and so she pleads

while she

drops on bended knees.

But I don’t flinch

as I push in

will you remember me?

The night moves on

it’s had its way

it’s seeped into our dreams.

The shackles fall

the sheets are stained

the ink runs off her skin.

And so she takes

my callused hands

and says

I’m surrendering.

While I just smile

and kiss her cheek

she will remember me.


*Featured Art – One of my favorites and an extremely talented artist by the name of Loui Jover, of Australia. You can find his amazing works at along with this piece called ‘marigold‘.